How to take advantage of the digital tourism trends

The data on digital tourism trends released during the 2018 TTG Travel Experience in Rimini by the Digital Innovation Observatory in Tourism have neither surprised nor caught us unprepared. In fact, it was still July when we made the list of new tendencies in digital tourism.

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Digital tourism trends: the data

Do you manage an accommodation like a hotel? Or are you a property manager of short terms rentals? In both cases, these figures on digital innovation in the travel and hospitality sector will be very useful for finding effective marketing strategies and the technological tools to use to implement them.

Since the numbers are many, we have selected the most useful ones for your job (here you will find the official press release of the Digital Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano).

Good news, the travel market in Italy is recovering and growth is driven by digital tourism:

  • + 2% the total increase in the tourism market, equal to 58.3 billion euros, including the domestic segment, outgoing and incoming;
  • + 8% growth in digital tourism compared to 2017;
  • 2 billion euros the value of digital tourism, or 24% of the total market;
  • + 14% growth in the indirect channel of OTA and aggregator sites, even if the direct channel continues to prevail due to the impact of transport on the transaction.

–> What these numbers mean to you

As a host you can no longer neglect the online sales, purchase, promotion and visibility processes of your accommodation and the ancillary services offered.

It may seem obvious, because most tour operators think they are up to date with the Internet and with changes in the behavior of the digital tourist. Often the website of bed and breakfast, guest house, hotel is not navigable by mobile (responsive), the profiles on social networks have been opened and then abandoned, the reviews on the portals are not answered, not even the information on the structure in the Google My Business page is accurate.

Booking and digital tourism trends

Regarding the relationship between accommodation reservations and tourism and digital trasformation:

  • + 13% was the increase in direct and digital bookings via website, app, social media, or 11% of the total;
  • + 46% growth in smartphone transactions;
  • 46 are on average the direct bookings received, of which 20 through e-mail and 11 via apps and social networks (the total number of reservations made 100);
  • and 36 bookings arriving from the Online Travel Agencies and home sharing portals.

Filippo Renga, director of the Digital Innovation Observatory for Tourism of the Politecnico di Milano, declares:

Customers, however, require all players in the supply chain to have an increasingly fluid and personalized online experience on which the offer is often delayed. Emblematic of the cart dropout rate during the visit to sites and aggregators calculated by our B2C eCommerce Observatory: 44% of visitors immediately exit the portal; among those who remain, 76% abandons immediately after searching for the product or service and only 1.6% completes the purchase.

–> What these numbers mean to you

You need to study the sales funnel to identify multiple purchase routes based on the type of contact (lead, cold, warm, loyal customer) and customize the offer through innovative but also traditional tourism services.

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That’s why we at Edgar have included the connection to the booking engine of the accommodation also in our concierge app for hotels and vacation rentals. Thus satisfied and warm customers will be able to book a new stay quickly from their smartphone, the channel with the most interesting growth rate in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, Edgar integrates both the most requested services, such as car rental. Guests can rent the car directly on your property’s app and earn a 5% commission. Both the most authentic and personal travel experiences, because Edgar has a tour and activity marketplace inside.




The behavior of the digital tourist

Edgar Smart Concierge
The new habits of the digital tourist

Here are the most important figures on the behavior of the digital tourist:

  • 86% use at least one app during the trip, creating new opportunities for engagement
  • 86% use the network to book
  • 83% to search for information
  • 36% to write a review
  • 33% share the online experience at the end of the trip

–> What these numbers mean to you

Your online presence must be at 360 °. If you provide the customer with an app that integrates a chat, as in the case of Edgar Smart Concierge, you have the opportunity to assist the guest in a one-to-one manner. At the same time, you have a privileged channel to offer customers services and up-sell.

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Furthermore, you need to strengthen the online presence of your accommodation in order to increase the chances of your property appearing to the tourist looking for information about their next destination. So not only the website is important, but also the visibility of hotels, bed and breakfasts, holiday houses on social networks like Instagram.

Finally, you must guarantee the customer a safe and reliable digital experience for both digital payments and online protection of personal data. Regarding this, have you updated your policies to the GDPR? If not, use our privacy model for accommodations.

In conclusion, it is clear that accommodation facilities need to improve and strengthen the online strategy through the most innovative and effective digital tourism trends. Eleonora Lorenzini, Director of the Digital Innovation in Tourism Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, says:

A very strong mix between online and offline is emerging, which is discriminating between those who will continue to have a role in the sector.




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