Push notification systems for accommodation facilities

The systems for sending push notifications are part of that type of technology for hotels and extra-hotel activities to be tested during the low season.

Because when the work is less intense, you can learn to use them in complete serenity, testing them on the most loyal customers. Take advantage of the opportunity to gratify your guests by making them feel ambassadors with the privilege of trying out this innovative service in advance.

After a few weeks, once you become familiar with the mechanism, you will be able to take full advantage of the economic and practical advantages. And probably, also thanks to the push messages, you will be able to carve out a few more moments of relaxation in the periods in which you are used to not even having time to drink a coffee calmly.

So, take 5 minutes now to read the article. You will learn what these messages are, the advantages for hotels and non-hotel structures and you will discover how to use push notifications starting today.

What are push notifications

Push notifications are those technologies that allow you to send an alert on different types of devices: desktops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches.

They are now widespread in all industrial sectors. They even have their own page on Wikipedia. Despite all this, do you find them as boring as the commercials that are broadcast on television?

Be calm. It is true that these messages are among those communications pushed towards the users rather than sought by them on the web or requested in person. But push messages are perceived by customers as a kind request for permission to start a conversation. The guests, if not interested, will simply ignore your message, interrupting the dialogue.

Rather, imagine that you have urgent information to tell the customers that have just booked a room. Do you think a phone call is more intrusive, when maybe they’re at work and don’t want to be disturbed, or a message on their smartphone?

Why do push notifications appeal to travelers?

Push messages
Digital tourists love push notifications


Even if you have started a b&b, you are a property manager, you manage a hotel, you have found yourself on the other side of the reception as a tourist or a customer traveling for work.

Then you will certainly know that traveling is a beautiful experience, that 90% of people in the world like (well, there is someone who does not care about traveling the world, seeing new places, tasting foods never tried and understanding how to live in hundreds of km from our house). But it is not easy to set up a vacation in our lives, between work, family and bank account.

Push messages appeal to digital travelers precisely because they simplify the journey, from planning to returning home.

Here are some examples of situations where customers appreciate getting a push notification:

  • let’s start from the origins of each holiday: the search for accommodation. How many times we fell in love with a hotel by the sea or an apartment in the city center, but the cost was too high. Rather than monitoring the price and availability every day, it is much easier to receive an alert that warns us that the price has fallen.
  • or you have booked a flight, but with a thousand thoughts on your mind, you don’t feel like having to remember from which day online check-in is available. You will be delighted to receive a push message telling you that you can complete your flight registration without risking not finding a window seat.
  • Finally. Only a few days to go. You still have to pack. Check the weather. Buy the necessary for the departure. You will be grateful to your hotel or to your Airbnb host when you receive the message informing you, if you need it, that you can contact that operator to rent the car or use the shuttle from the airport to the city center to reach the property.

Imagine being able to send these communications too that customers like so much, without having to be the Hilton, Booking, Lufthansa. What benefits would you have?

The 3 advantages of push notifications for hotels and non-hotels

For all the situations described above, it is not surprising that the most important travel & hospitality companies love these technologies so much.

Push notifications have 3 advantages for accommodations:

  1. help involve the guest. Customers are often almost afraid to complain during their stay. Except then leave a negative review online once at home. Thanks to push notifications, you can hire guests from booking to check-out. You will be the one to give them the input to start a conversation and they will feel more free to make you any requests. Moreover, the guest will be more inclined to respond, because writing a text message requires less time than a phone call or an e-mail. In fact, short answers, abbreviations and emoji are allowed in chat.
  2. create new up-selling opportunities. Push notifications are an effective channel to sell more internal and external services and increase profits. The risk that the customer will not see them is less than e-mails. Also during the holiday, tourists tend to read less e-mail, while they often have the smartphone screen in front of their eyes.
  3. increase customer satisfaction. Push notifications are a technology to better assist the customer. The guests will appreciate it. They will feel more comfortable using a channel with you that they are used to using every day to chat with friends (think of Whatsapp). And keep in mind that a satisfied customer, rather than a negative judgment, will write a five-star review, thus improving the reputation of the accommodation.

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The fast system to send push notifications

There are various services on the market. We would like to point out the one offered by Edgar Smart Concierge because it is not generic but it is a system of push notifications specifically for receptive activities like hotels but also bed & breakfast, holiday homes, Airbnb.

Moreover, Edgar does a lot more things, not just sending text messages. Because Edgar is a digital concierge app for accommodation that works like a real suite to manage reservations, the accommodation and assist customers.

First of all, the system for sending notifications is very simple. Once you have loaded a reservation in the control panel, simply select it (individually or in groups to send the same message to multiple guests simultaneously and save time) and write your notification.

Once the notification is sent, a chat will open between you and the guest. You can also link the notification to an internal or external service, to quickly direct your guests to the associated service section.

So with just a few clicks, thanks to Edgar Smart Concierge’s push notifications, you will assist customers in chat, rather than not communicating with them at all or disturbing them over the phone. You can: make sure about the progress of their stay; communicate urgent information to them; give them useful info on the accommodation, check-in and check-out. And so on.

But above all, through the function that allows you to associate the notification to the services, you will push the internal or external services offered by your suppliers. In this way you will increase your earnings because with Edgar the host earns a commission every time the guest buys an external service or a travel experience directly in the app.

If you need to better understand how Edgar works and the many things it can do for you besides sending push notifications, click here. Or send your first push notification today!



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