Digital Concierge

Download Edgar Smart Concierge and enter you reservation code to discover all the information and services for your stay

External services

Discover what to do and what to see and book extra services for your stay

  • Access to the digital map with all the local tips provided by your host
  • Discover all the services and info that can make your stay really special
  • Plan your stay in advance by booking in-app the services you need

Your accommodation

Discover all the useful information about the accommodation where you will spend your stay

  • Photo and video content to better plan your stay
  • Schedules and clarifications for the Check in e Check out operations
  • Location of the accommodation to easily discover how to reach it

Mobile Reception

Discover the services offered by your accommodation and manage the check-in in advance

  • Discover all the extra services offered by your Host
  • Ask or book through the App even before departure
  • Manage all the requests and chat with your Host

Ask for what you need

Manage from the App all your services’ requests

  • Manage the requests when you prefer
  • Dedicated chat for each request
  • Communicate with your Host or directly with your services provider

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