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General info

Edgar is a professional tool at the service of tourist properties and their guests. Thanks to Edgar, the Hosts can:

– assist the customer before, during and after their stay

– simplify the guest requests management

– built customer loyalty

– increase positive reviews

– earn more money



Thanks to Edgar your guests will have the opportunity to:

– Find out all the information on the Accommodation

– Book internal services offered

– Consult the Accommodation’s Advice Map

– Have access to a large database of Points of Interest

– Discover and Book Tours & Services throughout the territory

– Manage their requests and reservations directly through the App

– Chat with their Host

– Do the fast check in to avoid wasting time on arrival at the Accommodation



Edgar consists of two tools:

– the Extranet available to the Host that allows you to customize the contents of the app in a first phase and in a second phase to manage the operations

– the App, available to your guests who will be invited to download it immediately after booking and where they will be able to find all the information on the accommodation and destination, purchase internal and external services, make fast check-in and stay in touch with you.



On the Extranet, the host customizes the App and manages all the interactions with the guests. In fact, the host can:

– add and edit contents (info, POI, services, images, schedules, etc.)

– select internal and external services to be made available to guests

– select the services that can be purchased and the recommended points of interest

– manage guests requests for internal services

– check the progress of up-selling earnings

– chat with customers and send them push notifications

– manage guests’ personal data and download the txt file for the declaration to the Portale Alloggiati Web



With Edgar you can maximize the earnings derived from the sale of internal services and make Upselling of external services (supplied by default and integrable) which does not require any intermediation role between the customer and the service provider.



No, but by enabling the Fast Check-in (in the Internal Services section) you will allow your guests to fill in a form with personal data and a front / back photo of a document, useful for the declaration on the “Alloggiati Web” portal.

In the Bookings section, alloggiati web column, you can check which guests have done the fast check-in (as there will be a checkmark) and you can integrate the missing data of the guests who did not (by clicking on the orange icon).

Once all the ticks of the alloggiati web column with check-in date equal to yesterday will be green, you can download a .txt file (by clicking on “TXT PORTALE ALLOGGIATI”) containing the data of the Guests arrived the previous day, to be loaded on the Portale Alloggiati Web, to fulfill, with a single click, the burden of declaring attendance and thus avoiding the loading of individual records.



By entering the review link, in the Notification Management section, you will allow Edgar to send your guests, at the end of their stay, an email inviting them to leave a review in the destination link.



Fast check-in is a service that allows your guests to check in simply and quickly directly through your App before arriving at the facility.

Your guests will only have to complete the Fast Check-in form with personal data and a front / back photo of a document.



The Edgar App is the tool that will be used by your guests to always have all the information of the accommodation at their fingertips, discover the internal services that you propose and explore the surroundings with your advice.

The App is completely customizable by you via the Extranet and will allow guests to have an integrated and complete offer directly on their smartphone



There is currently no host app available, but our development team is working on it.

You can also access your Extranet from your Smartphone. Open a page of your search engine Eg Google Chrome and search for “Edgar Smart Concierge”, then click on the top right on “Staff Login” and enter your credentials.

Access your Extranet.

Go to the PROMO section> Banner, on your left and download or use the image URL to promote the download of your App on your website or on social networks.

Make sure the banner points to the following LINK (https://www.edgarsmartconcierge.com/get-mobile).




To check the changes made on the Extranet go to the App or, if you are already there, exit and come back to have it updated with the news.

To customize the App:

1) access to the Extranet

2) complete the wizard

3) customize as much as possible by integrating the ABOUT section and completing the INTERNAL SERVICES and EXTERNAL SERVICES sections


1) Go to the EXTERNAL SERVICES section on your left.

2) Click on the blue button “+ Add Point of Interest”.

Attention: after creating it, you will not be able to modify the Point of Interest. But you can still make an “Error Report” and request a change.



Enter the e-mail address of your PayPal account (the one you used for the registration).

The account is required to receive payments from Edgar related to the purchases made by customers through the app.



By registering the guests to the app, the host has the opportunity to get the customer’s direct mail even if the reservation comes from channels that provide encrypted emails, such as Airbnb and Booking.com.



When the guest downloads the app and connects, the row of the booking turns green.

In the “Guests” section you will find the details of the customers associated with that booking.

If the line is green, it means that the customer has registered on the App. If the line is orange, it means that the customer has downloaded the App but has not registered yet. In both cases, customers can be contacted via push notification “Contact> SUBMIT ACTION”.



On the dashboard.

Also, you have statistics and data about the progress of your property at your fingertips.



Yes, you can resend the invitation to download the App.

Go to BOOKINGS and click on “send” in correspondence of the email or telephone number of the guest of your interest, in the first case you will send an email, while in the second case a text message.



We can automatically invite your guest to download the App also on the branded email and once the guest will download Edgar on his / her mobile, during registration, him / her will have to enter his / her personal email, which will then be available to you.

We can automatically invite your guest to download the App also on the branded email and once him / her will download Edgar on his / her mobile, during registration, him / her will have to enter his / her personal email, which will then be available to you.

Don’t worry! We can invite your guest to download the App also via SMS to his / her mobile number.



Don’t worry! We can invite your guest to download the App also via SMS to his / her mobile number.



It is a map that can be consulted in the App by your guests, which contains all the Points of Interest & chargeable services that you have chosen to recommend to your Guests in the various Categories through the Likes.

Your customers will be able to find out the details of the recommended POIs / Services, use the Navigate to functionality and, in case of services that can be purchased, complete the transaction on the App.



The “Map of the structure’s advice” section allows, on the host side to have a summary of the points of interest and services that can be purchased, recommended through the App, while on the guest side, it allows the guest to open on his App a Map with all the advice of the host that will be shown via blue pinpoints.



The service or the Point of Interest will no longer be visible in the App by your guests.

You can make it visible again by clicking on the blink symbol again.



No, you cannot directly modify a Point of Interest, but you can tell us about the changes to be made.

Click on “Report error”, on your right in correspondence with the POI to be modified and enter the information relating to the report.



The recommended external service / Points of Interest will be visible on your Extranet in the appropriate “Map with the advice of the accommodation” category.

Your guest, on the other hand, will see all the external services and POIs you have recommended in the AROUND ME> Host’s Recommendations.



By entering reservations in your EDGAR.

Here are the 3 different options:

1. Automatic Import of Reservations Within the BOOKINGS section you can configure the integration with your Channel Manager, PMS (management system) or with your Booking Engine. If you don’t use a CM / PMS you can integrate Airbnb and Booking.com into your Edgar to enable automatic import of reservations.

2. Easy import of CSVs Selecting the item ACTIVATE BOOKINGS IMPORT you enable the possibility to upload the CSV of your reservations on Edgar. The operation will be carried out periodically.

3. Manual upload of reservations You can manually upload reservations by clicking + ADD.



Booking management

The Booking Code identifies each individual booking and allows the guest to be recognized by the system when downloading the App.



Edgar automatically generates a Booking Code for each booking imported on the Extranet.

This code is automatically sent to the guests and is already incorporated in the invitation link to download the App that the guests receive.

You can import bookings in 3 ways:

1. AUTOMATIC IMPORT => from Channel Manager / PMS or Booking.com and Airbnb

2. IMPORT from GENERIC CSV => massive import of reservations through csv file

3. MANUAL LOADING => by clicking on the + ADD button



When bookings are imported or uploaded on the Extranet, Edgar Smart Concierge takes over the management of your guests by implementing a series of automatisms, the first of which involves sending an automatic email or an SMS requesting the user to download the App.

It will be possible to manage guests through Edgar from the moment they download the App and the line of their Booking will become green or orange.



Yes. Go to the “Notification Management” section to select them.



Yes. You can change your booking by clicking on the orange button. Instead with the red button, you can cancel the reservations already entered.



If you have manually uploaded the reservation you will have to cancel it, if instead it was automatically imported, the status will be updated at the first synchronization and the guest will no longer receive invitations to download the App.

Just click on the “Edit” button and update the guest data. You can use this section to add the customer information collected at the check-in. Also, you can add a new guest and associate it with an already-existing booking.



To see the guests’ requests go to the “Guest requests” section.

Click on the request to manage it. A new section will open with the details of the request and the host’s message.

You can also chat with the guest and choose whether to accept or decline the request.



Edgar will send an e-mail notification to the e-mail address reported in the “Notification Management” area each time a guest makes a request or writes a message.



Go to the “Bookings” section or the “Guests” section and select, thanks to the check, the bookings or the guests you want to contact.

Click on contact> SUBMIT ACTION and define the contents of the push notification. A direct chat with the guest will follow.

It will be possible to associate to each notification a specific section of the App where you want the guest to be redirected to offer assistance or to promote the sale of services. Obviously it will be possible to send the Notifications to guests who have downloaded the App.



Yes, you can import reservations from your Channel Manager / PMS or from your OTAs directly to your EDGAR.



Internal and External Services

The Internal Services are taken in charge directly by the Host. The External services do not require the intervention of the host.

When a guest books a tour, an experience or a service on the External Services section, the request goes directly to the service provider.

The host will not have to perform any intermediation but will still earn a commission on what is spent by the guest.



These are the services offered by the accommodation itself.

You will be able to give shape to your detailed menu of services through the Extranet so that your guests can discover them, book them and if you want to also pay them through the App.



The Internal Services menu is completely customizable via the Extranet.




You can insert free services “on demand” among the Internal Services in order to manage them through Edgar app.



Go to the “Booking” section and click on the blue icon.

You will see the bookings history made by the customers associated with that reservation. In this way you can quickly calculate the amount to be paid at the check-out.



The External Services section is dedicated to the destination and, where possible, it is already populated with Points of Interest (marked with “i”) and the Services & Activities that can be purchased (marked with the “€” symbol).

Within the section you will have the possibility to customize the contents by selecting Points of Interest and Services & Activities by:

– showing them

– hiding them

– advising them (visible in the advice section)

– adding others (visible in the advice section)

This section will be on the app as a real guide of the destination for your guests.



You will earn a commission on the amount spent by the guest for the purchase in the App that will vary according to the type of service.

You can find more details in the EXTERNAL SERVICES section of the Extranet.



Click on INVITE EXTERNAL COLLABORATOR and enter his/her e-mail address.

Edgar will send him/her an email in your name inviting him/her to register for free on the Guide Me Right platform. In this way your collaboration will continue on Edgar.



Edgar pays the amount due for the sale of the External Services to the PayPal account reported on Extranet on a monthly basis or upon reaching a ceiling.



A request is green when it is accepted by the host.



A request is orange when the host has not managed it yet.



A request is red when it is rejected by the host.



A screen will open where you can enter your collaborator’s email.

The experience / service provider will receive an email in your name inviting him to register for free on Guide Me Right, where he can create his profile and his offer and manage customer requests.

A commission will be applied to each transaction that we will split with you.

You will therefore earn a fee on what your guests spent on purchasing external services through the app without having to play any intermediary role.



Subscription and Payment

The cost depends ONLY on the number of rooms / apartments managed and NOT on the number of apps.

So, if you have multiple accommodations, you can create a custom app for each property without increasing the price of Edgar. If you manage more than 200 beds, the Edgar team will prepare a personalized quote for you.

The cost of Edgar for a B&B is around € 60 a year.

You can calculate a quote HERE


The formula proposed by Edgar provides for an annual subscription that can be paid in a single payment or monthly, via PayPal.


Sure. Try Edgar for free for 15 days by clicking HERE.

During the trial period you can:

– access the Extranet

– create and use the app

– have the app used by existing customers


After the 15 days of free trial, your DEMO version will be blocked automatically.

If you want to continue using Edgar, contact our team before or after the 15th day deadline and schedule an assistance appointment to check if will possible to extend the trial period.

If you decide to purchase Edgar, your DEMO will become your personal account, so you will not lose the information uploaded during those 15 days.


You can pay your subscription via PayPal by choosing from:

– monthly payment

– annual payment, which includes a 10% discount


Yes, thanks to the Multi-structure Panel you can in fact manage multiple apartments / structures with a single account.

Consult our team to find the solution that best suits your needs.


Info for the Guest

To use the Edgar app you must:

1) download the App in the Store (For Android http://bit.ly/EdgarAndroid IOS http://bit.ly/EdgarIOS) or alternatively just search for “Edgar Smart Concierge” in the Store

2) enter the Accommodation’s Code or the reservation’s code

3) register with Edgar Smart Concierge by entering your e-mail address and creating a password



At the moment the App is available in Italian and English. If the customer’s mobile phone is set in Italian, the App will be displayed in Italian. In all the other cases, the English version will be displayed.



You can access the app even if you don’t have a reservation code. Just enter the Accommodation Code.

In this case you can see the contents inserted by the structure and make requests for internal and external services.

lternatively you can request your reservation code from your host.




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