How to become a property manager in Italy

How to be a property manager? He is the person who manages properties. Do not confuse it with the real estate agent; below we explain the difference. The property manager works within a company or as a freelancer. A man or woman who acts as a consultant for people who own and invest in houses, apartments, villas, other types of properties.

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The Italian property market is far from stopped. The latest data provided by the Revenue Agency’s Real Estate Market Observatory confirms the rise in real estate sales and purchases of residential properties, even if the price change is stable or tending to negative. According with the latest report of the OMI Statistics II quarter 2017:

In Italia, quindi, a fronte di una ripresa delle quantità degli scambi e quindi delle abitazioni compravendute, si assiste a una stazionarietà dei prezzi nominali che aiuta, per altro verso, la stessa ripresa degli scambi (In Italy, therefore, in the face of a recovery in the amount of trade and therefore of the houses bought and sold, there is a stationarity of nominal prices that helps, on the other hand, the same resumption of trade).

It seems to be a good time to become property management expert. In this article you will find:

  • training and requirements to work as a property manager
  • the activities carried out by the real estate consultant
  • useful tools

How to be a property manager: requirements and training

real estate consultant
Consultant and realtor requirements


The training course to become a property manager changes depending on the activities you want to do. There are 3 cases. The differences are subtle and are related to the concept of real estate brokerage. The real estate broker connects the owner / buyer for the sale and the landlord / tenant for the rent. You can decide to be a:

  1. consultant without a qualification who does not take part in the brokerage
  2. real estate agent
  3. real estate consultant

The real estate consultant without qualification is the professional who offers the client a technical advice based on his/her training and experience. For example, an accountant or a surveyor, or simply a fan of real estate. Given that he/she is not qualified, he/she cannot participate in brokerage. So he/she does not earn from real estate fees but can get paid for consultancy.

In cases 2 and 3, personal, moral and professional requirements are necessary, as established by articles 1754-1765 of the Civil Code.

Real estate Agent and real estate Consultant

To become a real estate agent and a real estate consultant you must have the following professional requirements:

  • 2nd grade high school diploma
  • certificate of participation in a recognized training course
  • passing the exam at the Chamber of Commerce for professional qualification
  • registration in the Real Section for individuals or in the Business Register

In addition to the requirements:

  • personal: Italian or European citizenship, residence in Italy in the province of the Chamber of Commerce where registration is requested, enjoyment of civil rights;
  • moral: absence of convictions for certain crimes and other preventive measures such as mafia delinquency.

To manage apartments and holiday homes in the real estate tourism sector, you must be mandated for consideration. To be mandated, you must be a real estate agent. The difference between agent and mandated is that the latter takes commission only from one of the two parties involved in the brokerage.

Real estate consultant training

The real estate consultant is a 360° property manager. In addition to being authorized as an agent, he/she may also be registered as a Surveyor and Expert in the real estate field and in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Judge at the competent Court.

The difference between real estate agent and consultant depends on the level of training and experience. The consultant is a professional who knows the market very well and is always up to date on regulations, also, can provide legal, tax, urban planning, design, marketing advice. He/She preferably has experience abroad, a degree in management field (such as business administration). And perhaps a master in real estate.

What the property manager does

digital concierge for property manager
What is the property management


If we were good at explaining how to be a property manager in Italy, now it will be clear to you that the real estate consultant can do many things, but that to make some of them he/she must be a qualified agent. This means earning more thanks to commissions as well as consultancy.

Here is a summary of what a real estate manager, who is also a broker and a mandated, does:

  • advice and assistance on the purchase and sale of the property
  • advice and assistance on the rental, management of the lease and the related rent
  • commercialization and marketing for rent and sale
  • assistance on property maintenance
  • report on the profitability of the property

Useful tools for property manager

The property manager must always be updated. Must know the latest news on short rentals as well as prices and trends in the market. Learn daily by reading blogs and newspapers specialized in real estate. We suggest the section on the real estate market of the Sole 24 Ore and the blog of the Property Managers Italy Association.

If you plan to invest in training, have a look at the Bocconi real estate courses.

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