Why and how to take advantage of mobile check-in for hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals

You are wondering:

How can I improve my hotel check-in process?

Excellent question! Because now it is finally possibile a better management of this phase of your guests’ journey, thanks to the mobile check-in for hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals.

Too often, property managers, expert or novice, B&bs, hotels, underestimate the importance of the registration process, thus wasting a great opportunity for earnings and loyalty.

The check-in management is much more than the delivery of the room keys and the personal data collection!

In fact, the registration is one of the most important touch-moments between customer and host. If you offer your guests the self check-in hotel service, they will immediately have the chance to appreciate your digitalization level.

Instead, the traditional hotel check-in at the reception remains the first real test of your team’s face-to-face communication skills.

Read on to understand  why it is important to use the mobile check-in and how to get the most out of a mobile check-in app.

3 good reasons to improve your check-in process

If the check-in in hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals is so often underestimated and considered only as a delivery of room keys, it is because the professionals in the hospitality industry probably ignore how much they can earn from its good management.

Three reasons are enough to explain how important it is in terms of host’s profits and guest satisfaction.

1. Cross-sell of ancillary services

Do you think that cross-selling at the customers’ arrival is useless? It depends. It is true that nowadays clients are bombarded with so many offers, that every time they receive a new one, they reject it without even evaluating it.

But when the check-in management is done in the right way, by offering tailor-made services to the customer who is on the other side of the reception desk or in front of the smartphone screen, the registration becomes an opportunity for revenue and for making a great impression with your guest.

In fact, according to some USA research, the upgrade during the check-in step takes on average in the accommodation bank account plus $39 per night, both if stimulated before arrival and at the same time as the guest’s arrival. 

In addition, the use of cross-selling technology generates an average increase of $2 in RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room) for business hotels and $4-6 for resorts and destination properties.

2. Guest experience

A good check-in management, both at the desk and through a hotel mobile application, improves the customer’s stay experience. During this process, it is essential to provide your guests with useful information and to offer them services, tours and activities to help them spend an unforgettable stay.

A recent research by Booking shows that guests appreciate hosts who give advice and suggestions, proving to be real Locals, experts of the destination chosen for spending their holiday.

However, the human touch remains important in conquering the guest, despite we live in a period in which relationships between people develop more on social media than in reality.

3. Team

Improving the check-in management also means simplifying the reception work.

In fact, thanks to insights and analytics on customers’ travel habits, generated by PMS, digital concierge, Google, your team will be able to offer the guests the services they really need, thus feeling more satisfied and gratified with their work.

Furthermore, through technology you will free your staff from the effort of collecting guests’ personal data. Many of our clients (B&Bs, vacation rentals and small hotels) have confirmed that they have chosen Edgar precisely because they are attracted by the idea of ​​being able to offer self-check-in. Thanks to this kind of check-in software, guests enter their data and upload their ID, avoiding this boring and error-prone operation for the reception team.


How to improve check-in management

Edgar Smart Concierge
Check-in softwares are essential to improve its management (photo by moritz320 from Pixabay)

From what has been written so far, it is clear that you cannot improve the check-in management without using some appropriate tools. Only thanks to the hospitality industry technology, you can offer your guests the right services during registration and meet their travel needs.

Specially because only with technology, you can implement the mobile check-in for hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals. On the customer side, mobile check-in improves the guest experience: guests save time at arrival so they can immediately start exploring their accommodation and the destination.

Host’s side, the mobile check-in simplifies the personal data collection and its trasmission. If you use a hotel mobile check in app like Edgar, you only have to download the file with the data already entered, with a great saving of time and work.

In addition, you can customize the check-in process in this way:

  • if the registration takes place at the reception, surprise your customers with a smile and ask them what they need immediately (the toilet to cool off, a place to eat, something to drink). Use the analytics in your possession to offer tailor-made services;4
  • if via smartphone, show on your digital concierge app the list of available services, all information on destination and accommodation. So, when you meet your guests at arrival, free from the check-in task, you will have more desire and time to interact directly with them.

Keep in mind that offering the right services during check-in means suggesting the customers just what they need. An example? It makes no sense to offer the SPA to a business guest, busy for work from 8 to 20, if the wellness center closes at 6pm. Rather, it will be much more effective to recommend activities to do after work, organized by you or your partners in the area.

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Try Edgar for a perfect mobile check-in hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals

Edgar Smart Concierge is the digital concierge app for vacation rentals, B&Bs and small hotels, ideal for optimizing the check-in management.

With Edgar, your customers will be able to self check-in via smartphone. In this way you will immediately improve their guest experience, you will no longer have to load their personal data by hand and you will have more time to welcome them with a beautiful smile when you will meet your guests for the first time.

In addition, you can offer personalized services and travel experiences, which your customesr will find on your digital congierce or which you can suggest to them using another strategic Edgar feature: the mobile push notifications.

Discover more about Edgar push notifications.

When your guests will receive a push notification, they are be able to buy services, tours and activities just with a click while you will earn a commission for each purchase in your app.

In addition, your guest will find on Edgar all info about your accommodation and a digital mobile map with all the attractions and your local advice, just as if you were in front of them at the reception desk.

Edgar offers you the basic mobile check-in version or the PRO version, if you want to further optimize the check-in process (through our partners) with other features: the payment of the balance by using the app, a dedicated chat for the check-in and check-out management and the smart access to rooms and apartments.


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